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    The honest wins the public feeling with morals.
    Thoughpeach and plum trees do not speak, a path
    is worn beneath them were the wholehearted
    dedication is directed, the whole world will
    step asode to let you by.
    Honest and Trustworthy Service Breeds
    Win-Win Collaborative Opportunities
    同时设立员工帮扶基金,扶助贫困工人家庭; 建设幸福的long8大家庭;

    Through a broad range of recreational activities,we aim to enrich the lives of our employees;
    we have put in place a fair employment system and talent grooming platform.Through the staff reward system,we aim to enhance the employees'potential and proactive attitude.We also provide our staff with opportunities for training and development.Through internal transfers and development,staff gets the chance to expand the scope of their skills,and grow with the company.
    We have also set up an employee fund to provide aid to needy staff members and their families as a means of building a happy corporate family.

    Unity——Unity is our strength to forge a successful enterprise
    Diligence——We fight for success with our utmost effort and hard work
    Honest——We keep our word in staying honest and credible
    Pragmatism——We strive to stay practical and realistic
    惠农富农 推动产业发展
    Fulfill Obligations of Corporate Responsibility
    Active Participation in Charitable Work
    在与果农的合作中,long8始终坚持合理的收购价格,保证果农收入;引导果农朝GAP种植,绿色食品方向发展,鼓励种植优良品种, 提升果品绿色无公害,实现优质优价,丰产丰收,从根本上实现惠农富农。
    Supportive policies that Benefit and Enrich Farmers
    Yang's Fruitsinsists on paying fruit farmers an equitable price for the fruits of their labour.We also urge fruit farmers to convert to GAP and green food processes,where they are encouraged to improve on their output and produce safe,green and quality fruits that are beneficial to the consumers.In this way,their produce is guaranteed to be of high quality and regular yield,which would in turn fetch higher prices.This would ultimately benefit and enrich the farmers.
    13 Support the Development of the lndustry
    Yang's Fruits has always considered the fate of the company to be inextricably linked with that of the country's fruit industry. We have established our roots in each of our fruit production bases in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hunan, ect. and we have promoted the development of the local fruit industry through advanced principles of business operation and adherence to high standards.After 30 years of continuous effort, the Gannan district has become a world renowned major citrus fruits production area.
    Honest and Trustworthy Service Breeds
    Win-Win Collaborative Opportunities
    30年来,long8始终以诚信服务赢得客户认可,注重与客户建立互诚互信的长期伙伴关系,助力客户事业的成长. 30年来,long8诚信经营,赢得一大批客户始终相随,使得long8产品饮誉大江南北,畅销世界二十多个国家和地区
    For 30 years,Yang's Fruits has remained to serving our clients in an honest and trustworthy fashion.We value the credibility and trust we have built over time with our time with our our clients.Our aim is to help them grow their business. For 30 years,our large stable clientele base has persisted in collaborating with us,working hand in hand with Yang's Fruits to establish the local reputation of the company in all parts of China as well as becoming a company with a good sales track record in more than twenty countries and areas.
    Fulfill Obligations of Corporate Responsibility
    Active Participation in Charitable Work
    For 30 years,Yang's Fruits has remained a responsible corporate member of society by engaging in charitable work that benefits society. The Yang's Fruits Scholarship provides assistance to talent and promote the cream of the industry. We have also invested in the improvement of the cream of the local infrastructure and facilities through various construction projects. Yang's Fruits is also active in the promotion of sports, arts and culture at the township and village level. All these have generated positive reception form the society.
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